EURO 2012

on Monday, 2 July 2012
It may be a surprise to know that an artistic soul such as myself enjoys sports, however if you watch the way Spain play football and the manner in which they won EURO 2012 you'd surely acknowledge the game they play is pure artistry. Oh and that's football as in soccer for my American readers, although every time you use that word a British child dies so please be sparing.

So as an English person, I of course watched this competition with bated breath, waiting for the inevitable moment when we would be knocked out so that I could relax and enjoy the football. Our reaction to poor results in recent years was to hire an old fashioned English manager and adopt a style of football so rigid and without imagination we could simply bore our opponents off the pitch. Needless to say, it didn't work. It does make me worry about the state of our game when we have one of the most entertaining domestic leagues in the world yet we can't scrape together a team that can even compete at major tournaments. It's clear we need a big overhaul of our system, and that it's going to be a long time before we win anything. That's OK though, that's just part of being English.

In stark contrast, the winners Spain show how football should be played. Football aficionados will tell you that Spain play the best passing game they have ever witnessed, and I would agree with them. If only we had a time machine so we could see them pitted against the Brazil team of 1970, what a match that would be. I think the Spanish team of 2012 might just edge it though, and the scariest thing is a lot of the players are in their prime, so it could be a long time before we see a competition being won by anyone else. I might just place my bet for Spain to win the next world cup right now.

So congratulations Spain, and if your country was knocked out like mine, don't feel too bad: we didn't stand a cat in hell's chance.