Pasty tax

on Friday, 30 March 2012
In Britain, the government's new budget plan includes charging 20% VAT on all hot takeout food from October, and it's been dubbed as the "Pasty Tax". Honestly, I'm devastated by this news, if it means even the possibility that I wont be able to afford to get my pasty lunch that I so enjoy. In a budget that included tax breaks to supposedly benefit lower and middle class people, slapping a massive tax hike on pasties just spits in the face of those very same people. Any British person will tell you that pasties (and other takeaway foods like good old fish 'n' chips) are an important part of our culture and diet, and this tax could seriously put a lot of businesses at risk. This news report contains some thoughts from the CEO of Greggs, a popular bakery chain:
"My concern is that many small bakers – independent bakers – have (already) gone to the wall. The bakery industry has always been a key part of the high street."
Greggs will be starting their own campaign to block this tax increase, and there is already a petition on the government's epetitions website here:

I urge any Brits out there to sign this petition if you value your delicious pastry snacks.


Daniel said...

Signed. I'm a stereotypical pastie-loving northerner, and I will not stand for this.

Mark said...

I did think that this was a bit much. But it gets more weird because it's only if the pasty is warm. If the pasty cools down before you actually buy it, then it's classed as cold goods, and is the old price.

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