Organ Trail

on Wednesday, 7 March 2012
Advertising (for free, I might add) another indie game that I have had the pleasure of playing, Organ Trail. Yes I am doing some major procrastinating and playing vidya instead of writing, but oh well.

Anyway, Organ Trail is like Oregon Trail but with zombies; you have to get from one side of the USA to the other without getting killed by zombies and without running out of supplies. It's not epic adventures and the graphics are basic, but it's a fun game to entertain you for an hour or two. It's also free and you can play it in your browser here:


Matt said...

Well, the basic graphics? :D Its some special kind of DOS system game? :-) but i tried it and its quiet funny and i feel some nostalgy becouse of something :D thx

Mark said...

That does sound pretty fun. A new touch on an old classic.

Anthony said...

I haven't played that one, though I hear it is a lot of fun (especially back in the day).

Tenment Funster said...

Indie game! Besides my general hipsterity, I have a thing for indie games. If I manage to get some free time in the next few days, I'll check it out.

Remish said...

Heh, Its hard to believe that games were like that not so long ago. Damn the progress is fast!

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