My amazing cartography skills.

on Tuesday, 27 March 2012
Just thought I'd share this map I drew as a reference for my novel. It shows the main continent of Aftraer on Gaia and the location of the main city and such. It took over 9000 hours in MSpaint and I'm very proud of it:

It was just a quick doodle to visualise the landscape of the alien world, and something I can add to as more places are involved in the story. Maybe I'll even have it drawn up properly as an accompaniment to the book: if there's one thing I know about sci-fi nerds is that they fucking love maps. Or at least, I do.


Mark said...

I love maps in fantasy novels but I've never really seen them in sci-fi ones. Galaxy maps maybe, but a world map, not so much. I do like them though.

Anonymous said...

I love maps, it's just that one thing which increases the immersion so much. Tracking wherever they go is great. In sci-fi, I guess they prefer to keep it "open" as it were so not mess up the lore I guess.

Kiwi said...

I'm willing to draw one. I love freaking maps :D

happyhacker said...

Maps and other artwork go excellently with many types of entertainment, names video games.

Who still has the Morrowind world-map poster?
I do!

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